Placencia Saltwater Fishing Tournament Winners

The 2016 Placencia Yamaha Marelco Saltwater Fishing Tournament was exciting and fun for both Fisherfolk and onlookers. The weekend started at Yolis Friday evening for the Captains Meeting. Grand Marshall Mr. Jack Young sent out the 15 registered boats at 5 a.m. Saturday and Sunday morning. On Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Malcolm Young and Mr. Jack weighed in the majority of the tournament’s fish. After the Sunday weigh-in the cash prizes were handed out to some very happy Fisherfolk. To encourage more participation from the youths, all junior anglers who brought in winning fish were all awarded $250 each.


  • Pelagic, Captain Erwin Westby with a total of 359.1 points winning $4000

Largest Barracuda:

  • Bait, caught by Ms. Rosenda Aldana 18.2 pounds $700

Largest Kingfish:

  • Knot Skeered caught by Rudy 12.4 pounds $700

Largest Extra Ordinary Fish:

  • Pelagic, Wahoo caught by George Eiley 38.9 pounds $700

Largest Fish Caught by a Female:

  • Zamasai, Wahoo caught by Madeline Lomont 28.5 pounds $250

Junior Angler Awards – $250 each

  • Zamasai, Wahoo caught by Massimo Caruso 18.4 pounds
  • Cool Running, Tuna caught by Desandrey Henderson 5.2 pounds
  • Teresa G, Kingfish caught by Earl Godfrey Jr. 9.9 pounds
  • Teresa G, Barracuda caught by Byron Young 14 pounds