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Champagne Island

Welcome to Champagne Island  a Belizean ecological little hidden piece of Paradise.

Tucked away in the lagoon areas between beautiful Placencia and Independence Village …

This picturesque little island is surrounded by the Natural wonders of Belizean Mangrove.  Come Enjoy bird watching, Walk with the Butterflies, spend time with the Iguanas, tour the wildlife within the island, See the Manatees, Dolphins, Stingrays, Fiddler Crabs and other sea Creatures Our exclusive hideaway destination provides the history of the Mangroves, Swamp Land, Belizean Mangrove Island and all of its Natural wonders.

The island exhibits nature’s awesome wonders,   mangrove secrets, and the majority of

the land is covered in jungle  it is home to many large trees of commercial value including Nargusta, Pine Emery, Palmetto, Pimento, Santa Maria and others, there are also Coconut, Cashew, Orange, Bananas and Citrus Trees or crops producing Fruit. This land is a teaching area for Agricultural, Ecological, and Audubon groups.

Our island host a variety of local  orchids and flora, native to our areas, and amazing site to see .

We will share our history of Creole, Garifuna and Mayan history that is the family’s lineage and of their rich culture.

Come enjoy our cultural dishes for an Island lunch in natures untouched beauty and serene ambience

Champagne Island… Natures Hidden Paradise….. where Nature’s beauty awaits you!

Local Number: 615-9979

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