In many ways the Placencia Peninsula presents a microcosm of the best Belize has to offer. Over twelve miles of untrammeled golden beaches look out onto scores of enchanting cayes, the barrier reef and beyond that the pristine atolls. It’s an ideal base for amazing diving and snorkeling – including our famous whale sharks, as well as world class fly fishing and trolling. But marine attractions are only half the story. Across the Placencia Lagoon via a perfectly paved road lay all the wonders of the southern mainland: the majestic Maya Mountains, cascading waterfalls, rushing rivers and the inspiring cities of the ancient Maya. Some visitors even manage to experience both surf and turf in the same day.

But the Placencia Peninsula isn’t just an attraction for the eco-traveler. The culinary tourist is in for a colorful and tasty food adventure. Fresh caught seafood is the specialty and served up as traditional fare of various ethnicities as well as more internationally inspired fine cuisine.

While the respective communities on the Placencia Peninsula have maintained their charming village appeal, the pace quickly picks up during major annual events such as the Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival in February and Lobsterfest in June. A rich multi-cultural utopia awakens in the night at local bars and clubs where free spirits can opt to dance barefoot to the rhythms of the Garifuna drums, the electrifying riffs of guitars or to the pumping dance tunes from beloved local DJs.

Whether you come by road, air or sea, the good life Placencia style is about as authentic as it gets. Barefoot Perfect.

For more information on the Placencia Peninsula and its attractions visit the office of the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) headquartered at the Placencia Tourism Center. Up-to-date news and information can also be found in the Placencia BTIA’s monthly tourism publication, The Placencia Breeze.